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Sweet X
Tests Iv'e taken

Here's a few recent tests Iv'e em' to find out more about my personality...Muah ha ha ha!


My Final Fantasy VIII Character (this is sooo true it's scarey)

You aWhich Final Fantasy 8 Character Are You?re Edea!  Selfless and strong-willed, you have the ability to do a lot of good. Luckily for the world, that's usually your intention. If you were ever corrupted by evil, we would all be in serious trouble. On top of all that, you're pretty sexy.

My second match (also my fave hottie! And more trueness about me)

Which Final Fantasy 8 Character Are You?You are Seifer!  You're a bad-boy (or bad-girl) loner whose cool, surly image can be very intriguing to the opposite sex. Deep down, you feel really screwed by the world in general. It's like no one understands who you really are. Even you.

Take the FF8 test here...


My Game Villian match

I am Sephiroth; I was the strongest soldier in the Shinra army. I was a pretty good guy, and even destroyed the occasional monster. Eventually, I found out I was made in a lab, and went crazy. I then summoned a huge meteor to crush the planet.

My Poke'mon match! Little kiddies.....grrrrr...



Again...The trueness is scarey


 This one scares me.....Bwha!

  Looks like Vash! XD!


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