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Sweet X
About Me

More of me? Yes!You are Kuroneko!Thats me! Find out which Cute Anime pet you are at...

What you might not know about me and other ramdom stuff....More thanx to Rikku's World

Ok here goes...
I don't have a job, I'm weird, my Best Friend is Sevi, I like Anime, Seifer is the coolest, My Aunt lives in New Mexico, If I call you Bob it's a good thing, Star Wars was made by a bunch of guys while smoking weed (hence the names Chewbaka and Wookie)  Oh looky a blitz ball!...
kewl huh? Thanx to Rikku's world!

This is who I choose to put in place of my Pic
No weird Psycos!! O_o*

Sae Kashiwaga
I hope I spelled that right!

Ain't I purty?

Muah ha ha ha!


Color: Crimson
Food: Tamales
Drink:  Elements in Fire
Song:  Project 86 :Pipedream 
Word: Rage
Thing: Nicholas D. Wolfwood's Portable Confessonal...It's too funny!
Movies:Angel Sanctuary and Red Dragon


Disturbed, System of a Down, Linkin Park, Project 86, Earth Suit, Tusneo Imahori, East West,Alianis Moresete, Groove Armada, Fatboy Slim,Outkast,Arrowsmith