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Angel Stampede


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The object of your obsession....

Try not to drool on your keyboard ^_^

Welcome to my purty gallery of all mighty Vash.....And yes you can take these pics.....just not every one of em'!



Yummy! Wanna share?
Come with me....
Sees donut....
And eats it!
Whats up with the hair?
Um. Thats what I got for asking...Nayo!
What? He can fly? Man Vash can do everything!...Mommy I wanna be like Vash!
This one leaves me Speechless.....*Sigh*
This one makes you wanna cry too huh?
Good morning Vash!
That the situation is not equal.
Fill 'em up oba-san!DRUNK VASH DRUNK VASH YAH YAH YAH YAH!!!!!
Oh yeah the before Pic...he he he!
Maybe I had a little too much...More happy drunkiness!
yeah I just threw this one's Midvalley!
Now Vash is pissed at me for putting a GHG in the Gallery....
His face after my offering of forgiveness....what it was I wont tell...Muah ha ha ha!!!!
Step one....
Step two....
oops sorry Meryl wont let him go any further....o_O...Damn!
Vash promises later.......
Merly goes estatic...
Hey I said Later!!!!
Vash N' Knives! Poor Knives! *_*


The Stampede