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Angel Stampede


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Vashy Info!

Spoilers spoiler spoliers!!!!!
Ha!  you have been warned!


Vash is a mysterious gunman who travels from place to place.Wherever he goes, trouble follows, leaving the place in ruins and a $$60 billion bounty has been placed on his head for this.Nobody knows much about Vash (cept' for me).His carefree lifestyle is interrupted when his evil brother decides to find him and sends numerous mercenaries to torture him.The mercinaries of course are the Gung Ho Guns. The are controlled by Knives (for more about him check ourt the more more more page), there main goal is too get Vash to go against his own belifs and kill. But Vash is not what they say....he's not a crazed killer, he's a fun-loving,hot, crazy guy, who loves donuts! But words wont convince the planet of his therefore he tries to prove it but not killing anyone. He also has stong feelings for Rem, the woman who took care of Vash and Knives. Knives killed her when he caused the sEEds ship to crash while he and Vash got away safely in an escape pod.
But no matter what people say I know the truth.....and I love Vash...Because I know the true if everyone else could see this....

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Or e-mail me ANY questions you have about Vash!
I know a lot about Trigun,I have all the episodes and Cd.'s and Iv'e read every spoiler I could find! And I know a few things most people don't catch unless they watch the Anime over and over and over.......
I have no life!!!!!

At a Glance

Age: 131
Height: 6"9 (No perversion now!)
Weight: I'll take a guess 150? 160?.....He's so tall!
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green/Turquosie